Feature Friday // Installing Cabinet Hardware

Knobs and pulls are usually packaged with a 1″ long 8/32-diameter screw for installation. This should be correct for a standard application, of a door or drawer front with a thickness of 3/4″. If the door or drawer front is not 3/4″ we recommend that the screw extend into the hardware no more than 3/8″. If it is less, it may not hold well while if it is too long, the hardware could loosen. The holes should be drilled with a 3/16″ bit or larger, if necessary. Take care to drill the holes perpendicular to the cabinet surface or you might have difficulty getting the pulls to fit or getting the hardware to pull flat against the surface. Please check the pictures below to see what will work in your application. If you need another length, please designate it and we will send additional screws of another length. Occasionally, especially with custom applications and furniture, you may need to use a larger screw and cut it to size.

If you are using a collection of hardware or an eclectic grouping, lay out your hardware ahead of time to determine where and in what order you want to place it. If the sizes are different, the smaller pieces are generally put closer to the top.

Do not force the screw into the hardware, screw them in by hand, do not use a power screwdriver. If you feel any resistance just back out the screw, reposition the knob and try again. Cross threading can occur and damage the threads. Increased pressure can also damage some of the more delicate knobs, like knobs made of stones, glass, ceramic, and handmade specialty pieces. When mounting a pull, tighten the screws alternately until the pull is tightly in place.