Knobs in Color

Breaking the Norm

Color is all around us. When you walk into a room the first thing you notice is the color of the walls or the color of the furniture. It can be used to make a room stand out, blend in, or make a statement. It can take any dull, boring room and turn it into something more cheerful or dramatic. Color has a big impact on our emotions “and” our mood. Think about the different seasons. When you think of spring what colors come to mind? What about summer, fall, and winter?

The color of your cabinet knobs also has a big impact on the mood of the room. Break outside the traditional finishes for your cabinets and drawers and liven up the room with an accent of color.

Each Color Has a Different Impact on Mood:

Red: passionate, daring, comforting, intimate, strong, powerful

Orange: stimulates creativity, determination, success; evokes warmth and coziness

Yellow: welcoming, sunny, joyful; promotes intelligence; often associated with food

Blue: calm, meditative; displays trust, loyalty, confidence

Green: restful, tranquil, invigorating; associated with nature, growth, freshness

Violet: stimulating, luxurious, ambitious

Pink: fun, lively, positive, feminine

Black: associated with power, elegance, mystery

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