Functional Design Bathroom Accessories – Semdbo

Accessorising that plain bathroom.

Sick of looking at the same old bathroom? Let’s make those bathrooms interesting and functional with Smedbo. Smedbo is the market leader in Scandinavia, sells products all around the globe and has a major market share in Europe and in the USA. They create beautiful bathroom accessories that are functional and very stylish. Smedbo accessories include free standing mirrors, soap holder, blowdryer and straightener holder, toilet paper holder with cover, candle holders, shower chairs, or even bottle opener. Come into Neu’s Hardware Gallery and check out the selection of Smedbo that we have available and start Accessorising your Bathroom with Functional Design Bathroom Accessories.

  • smedbo LED-mirror
  • smedbo- hair dryer holder
  • Smedbo double towel hook

Your blow dryer gets pretty hot after you blow dry your hair. Rolling something hot up and storing it does not seem right. With this piece from Smedbo, you can store your blow dryer a safer way and still be trendy.

Moving close to the mirror to have a better look at your make up? This new LED mirror from Smedbo will allow you to have a better look, closer up. move it wherever you want, unlike that large mirror on the wall.

Smedbo hangers are very trendy and will bring a pop to any bathroom. Smedbo offers many sizes with different amount of hangers.