A Look Back

2017 was a year of ripped jeans, ombre hair, rose gold, and fluffy pink pom poms. There were a few things that didn’t follow this trend though, and those were cabinet and door hardware.

Smart Lock

Being able to “tell” your front door to open made the Schlage Sense deadbolt quite a popular item this past year. Its ability to use Bluetooth to connect with any Apple product allows the homeowner to be in complete control.


The next trending cabinet hardware finish was the Fine English Pewter line by Manzoni. This elegant line presented the buyer with a variety of styles to choose from whether they were looking for something more modern, or a little more traditional for their home.

Polished Nickel

Another hit was the polished nickel finish for cabinet hardware. There was something about that shiny hardware that just caught the shopper’s eye. One could place a polished nickel knob or pull on a white shaker style cabinet, or a dark mahogany cabinet, and have it looking fantastic either way.

Satin Brass

Finally, satin brass made its debut in 2017. With brass hardware being so popular in the 90’s it was only a matter of time for it to start making a comeback. Although the polished brass finish hasn’t made a full comeback yet, companies have been preparing for it. Satin brass is a matte brass, and it is absolutely stunning. With only a few companies having introduced this finish so far, one can only imagine it becoming an even bigger trend in 2018.